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HCAI'S & & SURGICAL SITE INFECTIONS (SSI'S) are one of the biggest challenges of our current healthcare environment.
Felipe Urdaneta Sep 10, 2019
It is estimated that each year between 4-10% of inpatients will acquire some form of HCAI.
Over 750'000 patients in the U.S suffer from HCAi's, in some cases with resistant pathogens and over 90'000 patients die each year because of this.
In the USA the cost associated with HCAI's is estimated to be 30 Million/annually
Although we are beginning to understand the complexity of HCAI's and SSI's, what we know so far is that between 16-23% of infections and cross-contamination originates in the anesthesia work area.
Two periods associated with a high incidence of cross-contamination and increase microbial spread are the beginning and end of the case, most likely associated with our manipulation of the oral mucosa.
It is therefore imperative that we change our practices and pay more attention to hand and medical equipment hygiene, including our anesthesia machines.
Protecting our patients is not only about hemodynamic, respiratory, temperature and pain control. We MUST be conscious that avoiding cross-contamination and paying attention to infection control practices are crucial anesthetic responsibilities.

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